Automated LinkedIn invitations. Automated follow-ups.

A Chrome Extension to automate LinkedIn invitations and follow‑up messages

Send unlimited LinkedIn invitations every week and follow up in no time

Save up to 20 hours a week to focus on the work that matters

And get more replies from busy people on LinkedIn

Get more replies from busy people with automated LinkedIn invitations
and follow‑ups

And close more deals through LinkedIn

It takes on average 3 minutes to send one LinkedIn invitation manually.

And even though they connect with you, most people on LinkedIn are quite busy and usually respond only after 2 to 4 follow-ups

To send 700 LinkedIn invitations a week it takes 20 hours each week on average if done manually.

And another 5-10 hours to track and follow up with those who connected but didn't reply.

Save that time with automated LinkedIn invitations and follow‑ups to focus on the work that matters.

And get even more replies from busy people on LinkedIn to increase your conversion rate by up to 30%.

Automated LinkedIn invitations and follow‑ups in 3 simple steps

1. Setup your audience

Use native LinkedIn search to specify your target audience.

Or import your contacts from CSV file with their profile urls and names

2. Setup initial message

Setup a personalized message to send as the invitation message. 

3. Setup follow-up messages

Setup follow-up messages and your preferred sending schedule.

LinkMe Tool will be sending the messages automatically to those who connected till we get a response.

Wait, but LinkedIn has their limits on daily usage, don't they?

Yes, you are totally right - they do.
And that's why we've inbuilt usage protection for you right in the LinkMe Tool.
So it helps you to stay within daily LinkedIn limits to protect your profile.

Daily limits protection

You can specify your sending limits and LinkMe Tool will automatically track your daily usage and adjusts your sending queue so you never exceed those limits.

Activity spikes protection

LinkedIn doesn't appreciate big activity spikes so LinkeMe Tool will guide you when it's safe to further increase your sending limits

Managing multiple LinkedIn accounts?

Manage as many as you need within one LinkMe Tool license!

Just create as many campaigns inside LinkMe Tool as you need and run each of them against the dedicated LinkedIn profile.
No need to waste your money purchasing multiple licenses of other software.

Communicator Plan


Automated Invitations

Automated messages and follow-ups

Follow-ups custom schedule

Contacts import from LinkedIn native search

Import from a CSV file

Unlimited Contacts

Duplicated contacts detection

Campaign performance statistics

Unlimited campaigns

LinkedIn daily limits protection





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