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Using it daily and it saves a lot fo time on prospecting. Thanks for the great work guys!

Walter Obrayo
New York

I wish I found it earlier. Simply amazing tool. Solves a big problem of sending follow up messages for us and saves a lot of time.

Kaku Kou

Using it daily for the last few months with my Linkedln account and it helped to grow my network by about 1500 new valued contacts which dramatically expanded our business. Very easy to use and works seamlessly.

Jafar Sk

How Does It Work?

Engage with your prospects on LinkedIn and build trust on autopilot.

  1. Setup your messages
    Set up your message sequence

    Set your invitation message as well as follow up messages with personalizations like first name, last name, company etc. and the sending delays in days

  2. Import prospects
    Import your prospects

    Import your prospects right from the LinkedIn search or from your CSV file

  3. Get replies
    Get replies

    Click the "start campaign" button and InTouch Tool will start sending the invites as well as it will check for new connections and replies. It will automatically send the personalized follow up messages based on your schedule and it will stop once they've replied.

With InTouch Tool you can now spend your time only working with the responsive clients

Send prospects right to your CRM using Zapier!

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Coonect InTouch Tool with your CRM and 1500+ other apps

In under 5 minutes without a single line of code send prospects to your CRM when you get new connection on LinkedIn, new reply, when followups are completed or other triggers.

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Wait, but LinkedIn has their limits on daily usage, don't they?

Yes, you are totally right - they do.
And that's why we've inbuilt usage protection for you right in the InTouch Tool.
So you can control your daily limits to protect your LinkedIn profile from overusing it.

Daily limits protection

You can specify your sending limits and InTouch Tool will automatically track your daily usage and adjust your sending queue so you never exceed those limits.

Activity spikes protection

LinkedIn doesn't appreciate big activity spikes so InTouch Tool will guide you when it's safe to further increase your sending limits.

Ok, but is it safe to use InTouch Tool on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is trying to identify what extensions you have installed by trying to read the public files of such extensions. Also they check their UI for any unusual elements, such as extra buttons or windows. This only works if they know exactly where to look - the exact public file path or the exact UI element identifier.

And here is how InTouch Tool handles that for you:

InTouch Tool doesn't expose any internal files for public read

All extension files are protected and LinkedIn can't read them so it can't determine if it's installed on your computer

We use smart AI algorithm to make the UI elements inaccessable

We did a lot of research and created a sophisticated algorithms to hide any buttons or other UI elements from LinkedIn scripts to protect your profile.

Want another layer of protection? Here is a pro tip:

We've found that as long as you are on Sales Navigator subscription, you are pretty much good to go - LinkedIn is tolerant as long as you pay them.
So if you want an additional layer of protection, while it's not strictly necessary, we suggest to subscribe to Sales Navigator.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is InTouch Tool

InTouch Tool is an intuitive chrome extension that can automate LinkedIn invitations and automatically followup with those who accepted your connection request personalizing each message based on your choise.

What can InTouch Tool do for me?

InTouch Tool can automate LinkedIn cold outreach or the top of your funnel, so you spend your time only on the conversations with those who are interested.

Just specify your target audience and messages sequence and InTouch Tool will do the rest. It knows when to send, whom to send and what message to send as well as when to stop so you never have to track that manually anymore.

Can I specify delays between messages?

Yes. Set any custom delay between each message and InTouch Tool will send each message according to that schedule. You can find your delays settings under the "Messages" tab of your campaign.

Can I follow up with those who haven't accepted invitation yet?

No. If you've sent an invitation request, there is no way to contact them further unless they accept it. However, LinkedIn will follow up with them for you - LinkedIn will send several email reminders automatically to increase your connection rate.

And once they've accepted your invitation, InTouch Tool will automatically keep sending messages based on your sequence and the schedule you've set.

Where can I find more tutorial on how to use InTouch Tool?

We believe in simple and beautiful applications so we didn't release any tutorials on purpose.

Instead, we did our best to make InTouch Tool as intuitive and self-explanatory as possible - just give it a try and let InTouch Tool guide you through the process. And if you still have any questions, feel free to drop us a message at and we'll do our best to address them right away!

Can I try InTouch Tool for free?

Yes! There is a free forever plan as well as a special trial of one of our paid plans. Check the pricing table for more details!

Check how much you can earn with each plan

Just put the two numbers below:

I can convert leads at about % rate
One client worth $ on average

Free Forever



Pro trial for 7 days
5 invites/day
5 message/day
2 campaigns
CSV import
Personalized templates
CRM integration (via Zapier)

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$ 19

Per user/ month

50 invites/day
50 message/day
5 campaigns
CSV import/export
Personalized templates
Single LinkedIn profile
CRM integration (via Zapier)

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$ 29

Per user/ month

100 invites/day
100 message/day
10 campaigns
CSV import/export
Personalized templates
Single LinkedIn profile
CRM integration (via Zapier)

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Sales Navigator


$ 89

Per user/ month

unlimited invites/day
unlimited message/day
unlimited campaigns
CSV import/export
Personalized templates
Single LinkedIn profile
CRM integration (via Zapier)

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